Java or Python – Which One Is Better For Web Development?

Howdy readers, today you’ll learn whether Java or Python is a better option for web development. 

Java and Python are the most popular programming languages. The battle for the winning position between Java and Python has been going on for a while now; Java is currently in the lead, while Python is making an incredible language. In reality, programming languages are a key element in computer science and essential tools for programmers. Choosing the right programming language, even if you’re already an experienced web developer, can be difficult, let alone choosing among the top programming languages in the industry. 

Java and Python are not the top two best programming languages for nothing; they’re close to perfect and are capable of doing incredible tasks. However, some differences between them can help you choose which one is the best option for your needs. Also, we need to emphasize that the speed of these programming languages also depends on your hosting. If you opt for the fastest Java hosting provider in 2022, make sure to check this review of A2 Hosting.

A Short Introduction to Java

Java was released in 1995 and was developed by Sun Microsystems. As we already mentioned, Java is the most popular programming language that’s simple and used for back-end IT development projects. Java is object-oriented and includes the development of big Data applications and Android. This programming language is also known for its use in mobile computing, games, and a computing platform for application development. The only downside is that Java requires a lot of learning time, and there’s always something new. 

A Short Introduction to Python

Python was the second most popular, high-level programming language used for developing applications and software in 1991. What’s special about Python is that it can be used to create a diversity of programs without any particular use case specialization. Unlike Java, Python is much easier to learn, and it’s also cost-effective. Since it’s a simple programming language, it’s preferred among beginners. 

Java vs. Python 

To help you understand which programming language is better for web development, we will compare them in certain categories. 

Structure of the Platform

Java has a great programming structure for web development because this programming language completely relies on the Java virtual machine and converts the bytecode into a web development coding language. On the other hand, Python uses an interpreter that translates the source codes into the machine bytecode. All the bytecodes are then stored for future operations, and when the same program is run, the bytecode is deployed without translating it.


Java is easy to write and debug but requires a lot of learning. On the other hand, Python is more dynamic, so the coding is always precise and super easy to learn. Most developers find Python much easier to use and more beginner-friendly than Java, making it a top choice among web developers who are just beginning.


Most web developers find Python faster and easier to develop websites and applications than Java. In reality, Java is a bit slower than Python, so if you appreciate the speed and run time, Python might be right for you. 

Readability of Code

Java has a dispersed coding format, while Python has a linear one. Python is the preferred option for code readability because it has coding style guidelines that make programming systematic and much easier. 

Scope of Development

Java is mainly used for:

  • Embedded systems
  • Developing desktop GUI apps
  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • Enterprise software applications
  • Middleware solutions

Python is mainly used for:

  • Operating systems
  • Building image processing applications
  • Graphic design applications
  • Web frameworks
  • Web applications
  • Al and machine learning solutions


You can easily run the program or app from any device and computer when you use Java. Unfortunately, when you use Python, you first need to install an interpreter to the target machine to get the codes translated. When it comes to portability, most web developers find Python to be less portable than Java. 

Market Popularity

Although Java has dominated the market for a long time, its popularity declined when Python arrived for web developers. Python gained popularity thanks to the fact that it is very dynamic and easy to learn. Nevertheless, Java is still the preferred choice among web developers, but Python is right behind it. 


Both Java and Python are the most popular programming languages among web developers. Both programming languages are perfect and can perform incredible tasks. While they’re among the top two choices for web developers, some differences between them can help you choose between the two. If you’re a beginner and need something that’s more user–friendly and easy to learn, go for Python. Choose Java to learn more and work with the best in the industry. Whatever your choice will be, you can’t go wrong. 

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