Why Learn C Programming Language?

C is one of the oldest programming languages, yet even after 50 years of release, it is still one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

With so many new programming languages in the market like GO, Carbon and Dart, many programmers thought C will lose its importance and will be replaced by other newer languages.

But the results are quite opposite, C is getting more famous year by year. There is a huge demand in the software market for C language developers.

In this post, you will learn why should you learn C programming language and if you are a beginner why C should be your first language.

So, without any delay, let’s begin this tutorial.

What is C?

C is a general-purpose programming language created by ‘Dennis Ritchie‘ in the 1970s. C is a middle-level programming language which is used to perform a lot of difficult tasks such as:

  • Creating operating systems
  • Creating 2d and 3d games
  • Creating new programming languages

There are innumerable reasons to learn C programming language. Before stating the reasons to learn C programming language, I would like to share my personal story of why I learned C language.

Why did I learn C Programing Language?

Before starting my story, I would like to tell you I am a web developer who loves to create new and amazing websites (JavaScript is love!!).

But my programming journey started a long time ago, 8 years ago I started my programming journey with Python programming language.

I still love python from the core of my heart but for me, one of the drawbacks of python is, “it’s too easy”. I am only talking about intermediate stuff; I know python gets too much difficult when learning complex topics.

When learning python, I was able to understand the code, but I didn’t understand why a particular thing is happening in the background such as how an interpreter works and hardware linking.

Then, I choose C as my second programming language and choosing C as my second language works like a miracle for me. It clears all of my doubts and helps me understand the fundamentals of computer theories.

As I already learnt python till intermediate-level concepts mastering C was not that difficult for me. Actually, it was quite easy and fun to learn.

Once you understand the basic core concepts, then everything will be a cup of tea for you.

Reasons to Learn C Programming

These are some important reasons to learn C programming languages:

1. Easy to Learn and Understand

The syntax of C is quite simple which makes it much easier to learn and understand. Once you learnt C, then switching to any high-level language (such as C++ or JavaScript) will be very easy for you.

2. C is Versatile

C is a platform-independent programming language. The program written in C can be executed in any operating system. With the help of C, you can program different types of hardware such as robots or robots.

3. C is a Middle-Level Language

C programming language is a middle-level language. C has the features of both assembly-level languages i.e., low-level languages and high-level languages. It can be used for creating operating systems as well as application development.

4. Less Execution Time

C is a very fast programming language. Programs written in C programming language when executed compiled faster than any other programming language. That’s why it is very helpful in competitive programming.

5. Fewer Libraries

Compared to other high-level languages, C programming languages have fewer libraries. This will help you in learning the C concepts in depth and apply the logic to even write down simple programs from scratch.

It might seem difficult in the beginning, but as time passes this will become your greatest tool to overcome any bug in the future.


In this tutorial, you learned what is C programming language and the reason the learn C programming language.

The learning curve of C programming language is easy to moderate. It is a middle-level programming language which makes it much more efficient.

If you are a beginner or new to programming, then without any doubt C should be your first programming language.

You will be thankful in the future for taking this decision.

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